Azienda Agricola Cagliero


The Azienda Agricola Cagliero grows the best of Piedmontese grapes, from which the most prestigious red
wines are produced.
The estate is 6 hectares in size and we grow the classical grapes from the Langhe area: Dolcetto, Barbera,
Nebbiolo, Freisa plus a little part of white grapes (Arneis, Favorita and the international Sauvignon Blanc).
All the Farm’s vineyards are excellently situated on gently-sloping hillsides, either south or south-east facing
and at an average altitude of 300 metres above sea level. The soil type is mixed marl with sand originating in
the tertiary era. The property includes the Ravera and Terlo crus. The Winery capacity is from 45,000 to
50,000 bottles of wine per year.

The cellar

The care and attention that the Farm has lavished on the cultivation of its grapes and production of its wines has been amply rewarded by the attention they receive in specialist guides and awards both at home and abroad.

The Farm's cellars are equipped with the very latest in technology, including all equipment in stainless steel. Soft pressing of the grapes is practised, gentle methods for the first step of fermentation and special containers for the malo-lactic phase of fermentation. However, as far as possible, traditional methods of wine making, which have been practised in this region of Italy for centuries, are used to maintain the very special nuances of the wines.

For the 'grand reds', the first, tumultuous, fermentation is carried out in cement vats which are ceramic-lined to facilitate cleaning. After this phase, the must is transferred into wooden vats or barrels according to tradition, to complete its fermentation and ageing processes.

For ageing, there is a wide choice of barrels available: barriques of Allier French oak, tonneaux of Allier French oak, tonneaux of Slavonian oak, casks of Slavonian oak.

The staves of all barrels are made by splitting, not cutting, the planks – the more prestigious method. They then undergo medium toasting.

The barriques and tonneaux are of standard capacity and are used for a limited period only before being replaced.

The Slavonian oak barrels are the largest that we use and are very long-lasting, suitable for ageing the grandest of reds.