In our local dialect - a particularly rich and zesty strain of Piedmontese- the word 'rabel' signifies noisy and exuberant merry-making. It seemed an ideal term for this wine with its unconventional and surprising characteristics, impossible to pigeon-hole.

Another colourful local saying goes something like this: "Here we are in the midst of the madding crowd, just you and me, happily talking together without saying a word out loud." Let's stick together and savour the small but exquisite pleasures of life, such as the company of good friends and an excellent wine, seems to be the message here. And how could we turn down such an invitation?

It is true that the Langa region is home to many great red wines, a priceless national heritage. But whites are holding ground and, with such wines as Rabel - with its assured personality and elegance - making the scene, the future for the Langa's whites promises to be exceptional.

The fruit of years of painstaking research and experimentation, Rabel is a blend of carefully selected white grapes. Its highly individual and delicious perfumes and flavours are due to the Langa's special climactic conditions.

Rabel is straw yellow in colour with intense and fascinating greenish highlights and excellent structure. Its flavour is characteristically full and complex, fruity yet dry with pleasing acidity while remaining balanced and harmonious.

Its perfumes are individual and intense, with persistent notes of aromatic herbs and wild flowers combined with delicate fruit aromas with citrus fruits to the forefront. It can be matched with a variety of foods, including tasty cheeses, fish, sea-food of all types, raw meat and fish dishes, but also humble dishes such as vegetable soups and salami. It makes an excellent aperitif.

It should be consumed cooled, at a temperature of 8-10°C.



A very individual white wine with exceptionally fresh and fruity aromas. The colour is bright straw yellow with greenish highlights. White grapes from carefully selected vineyards undergo delicate and tightly-controlled fermentation in stainless-steel vats.

Position of vineyards: south-south-east facing
Altitude 300 metres above sea-level over medium-gradient hills
Soil type: clay with marly sub-soil
Grape: mainly Arneis
Period of grape harvest: mid-September
Vinification:  the grapes are carefully selected and picked into special, aired, crates. They are then immediately taken to the winery where they undergo gentle crushing. The must is rapidly separated from the pomace and fermentation within temperature-controlled stainless steel vats, begins. At the end of fermentation, the must is racked and left to rest on the finest lees for several weeks.
After this, the must undergoes cold stabilisation and is kept without coming into contact with oxygen in order to preserve intact all its freshness and light acidity which, together with its rich and complex bouquet, full body and well-balanced structure, make this wine unique.
Ageing: this wine does not require ageing and, once bottled, is ready for consumption. However, a period of 5 to 6 months in bottle enhances its rich structure and elegance



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