Galverno ® Langhe D.O.C.


alverno is a red wine obtained, after special fermentation, from the carefully proportioned blend of Dolcetto and Nebbiolo grapes grown in the Barolo district. Thanks to the careful aging in small oaken barrel, the so called caratelli, in the ancient piedmontese tradition, Galverno becomes dry but velvety and harmonious, developing a characteristic and unmistakeable bouquet.
Galverno must settle and develope its finishing touches in bottles, and after long quiet months in the farthest corners of the wine cellar, this wine becomes a true triumph of esperiences and emotions. Its colour is a ruby red with important oranges echoes, its full fragrance mixes fruits and flowers. Its refined flavour is harmonius and balanced, and captures praises of the most exigent connaisseurs. Galverno is a real versatile wine that suits any kind of meal and its very best setting is when it is served with risotto, ham and salams, raw meat, white meat and cheese dishes. Its minimum alcohol content is 12,00% and it should be served at moderate temperature, at least 16°C, around 58° F.



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