Dolcetto d'Alba D.O.C.



t is a good friend, excellent companion at meals and during family celebrations. Its pleasant presence last until the last notes of your favourite old song reminds you happy memories of old times.
A friendly fruit flavour and fragrance are the features of this wine. Its ruby red colour can at times have violet shades. Its fragrance is fresh and young, bringing gardens of fruits and flowers to mind. Its taste is full and balanced, with a final note of almond as swallowed.
Dolcetto is suitable for all meals and for all courses of the meal, from the first appetizers to the last course, which in Italy would he cheese. It is best not to serve Dolcetto with heavily seasoned dishes or extremely elaborated creations.
Its minimum alcohol content is 11.5% and, served at a moderate temperature 14 to 16°C, around 58° F, it would be a very good company.


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