Chiamblò ®


he Chiamblò is a rosé wine obtained from the Barbera grapes of the Ciabôt vineyard in the Barolo district. The thorough selection and vinification after careful gentle pressing gives a wine which is fruity, young and vivacious,very pleasant, light but harmonious and well structured. Thanks to the very special wine-making process, the flavour of Chiamblò is exalting but harmonious, its colour is light purple red, with frequent violet echoes. Its fragrance calls wild flowers to mind, with hints of cherry, apple and fresh peach, and its taste is a full harmony of these elements, with just the right touch of youthful aggressivity. Chiamblò goes best with hors d'oeuvre and light food, it graces very well with meat and fish, and is a most pleasant starter to a meal.
The minimun alcohol content for Chiamblò is 11,50% and it should be served cooled bat not iced, 8 to 10°C, 45 to 50°F.


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