Canebbio ® Langhe D.O.C.



anebbio is a red wine obtained, after long careful traditional aging, from Nebbiolo grapes of the Gallo vineyard in the district of Barolo. Canebbio is a noble, majestic, full bodied wine which is rightfully considered one of the greatest piedmontese red wines.
Canebbio is an elegant and refined wine, and its colour of mellow red garnet shades out to burnt orange near the sides of the glass. Its taste is full and long, smooth and balanced, really harmonious and roundly structured, with a final slight bitter note, which sets off its bouquet and warm tones.
Canebbio is a regal companion for red meat, game, roast braised or grilled meat, as well as for cheese dishes. Canebbio fragrance is suitable on every occasion and it is particularly appreciated in autumn and winter. The minimun alcohol content is 12,50% and Canebbio should be served at about 18°C or 65°F to enhance its aristocratic qualities, its taste and bouquet.



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